letter-for-letter; literally.


From Medieval Latin litterātim, from littera (“letter”). First known use: 1643.



We create unique online experiences for your ideas

- one letter at a time.

What Literatim offer

WordPress CMS

Working with the world's most popular website builder, to give you a fantastic product that's easy to use.

Angular apps

Powerful web apps built using Google supported Angular front-end web platform. For web and native applications.

Interactive web

Cutting edge web technologies can bring new projects to life in ways others can't. ThreeJS is just one of many.


Professional websites for start-ups & small businesses that meet your specifications - no matter what your budget.


Websites finished with the highest level of meta-data so you can be found at the top of Google searches and get the most out of your online presences.


Creativity is at the heart of everything we do; web development, graphic design and e-commerce.

Social media

Refined social media integration so you can spread your business where it needs to be.

Our featured projects

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